So. Minn. Skydiving, So. Minn. Surgical, The Picker-Uppers

Southern Minnesota Skydiving opened for business at Le Sueur Municipal Airport on May 15, 2010.
Dr. William Lee of Blue Earth began seeing potential in developing a niche market in southern Minnesota: Lap-Band surgery for weight loss.
The Picker-Uppers owner, Justin Keech, learned a lot from his mother, Sue Rothmeier, a New Ulm RE/MAX real estate broker.

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Renew Skin & Laser Center, Jessica Barnett Chiropractic, The Friendly Confines Cheese Shoppe

Fairmont: Renew Skin & Laser Center – “I’m from Michigan, and we moved here in 1990, when (my husband) Cory and I moved here for his orthopedic practice,” said 49-year-old Rene Welchlin in a telephone interview.

Mankato: Jessica Barnett Chiropractic & Acupuncture Clinic – “I was born and raised in Mankato, and went to Loyola High School,” said 29-year-old Jessica Barnett in a Connect Business Magazine telephone interview.

Le Sueur: The Friendly Confines Cheese Shoppe – Kirk Litynski grew up in St. Peter as a classmate of Jon Davis, part of the Davis family owning Davisco Foods International. This last August, Davis hired his long-time friend to launch and manage The Friendly Confines Cheese Shoppe at 719 North Main

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KOSA, Office Space Design, Pheasant’s Ridge

Le Sueur: KOSA, Inc. – Sandra and Jorge Brenes have turned love into a full-time business teaching Spanish.

Mankato: Office Space Design – “I found there wasn’t really anyone competing here in office furniture and design, so I developed my own business plan.”

St. Peter: Pheasant’s Ridge Memory Care Center – “We realized there was a need for assisted living for seniors in St. Peter. From there, we opened a building with 16 assisted-living units three years ago.”

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Inspired Technologies

He was a natural-born, one-in-a-million businessman, and nearly everything he touched turned from thin air to glittering gold. The company Wagner had co-founded, Inspired Technologies—and for that matter, most of the other companies he had co-founded over the years, including Lake Prairie Egg, Pharmacist’s Ultimate Health, and Geo Mask—had been or were widely acclaimed business success stories.

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Professional Cleaning Services

Five years after founding Professional Cleaning Services, president Sherry Johnson still works from an office in her Le Sueur home. She not only appreciated being able to start up in February 2002 without going into debt, she also likes having less overhead cost than a storefront would require. Her real payoff, though, is, “being able to do invoices and paychecks in my jammies,” she says.

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LeSueur Inc.

If you’d asked Mueller and Prevot in 1990, Will you ever see the day when you’ll have to turn away business because of a labor shortage? they would have answered, Never.

Yet today 550-employee strong LeSueur Incorporated sits with land in Le Sueur ready for expansion, cash waiting, booming sales, so many potential customers you couldn’t swing a dead cat without hitting one, yet it can’t expand because workers are in such short supply.

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