Renew Skin & Laser Center, Jessica Barnett Chiropractic, The Friendly Confines Cheese Shoppe


Fairmont: Renew Skin & Laser Center

“I’m from Michigan, and we moved here in 1990, when (my husband) Cory and I moved here for his orthopedic practice,” said 49-year-old Rene Welchlin in a telephone interview.

Rene, a registered nurse, professional writing course grew up in a family with deep medical roots: one sister is a physician’s assistant, another a medical doctor, another a registered nurse, and two aunts that were LPNs. She began her nursing career in intensive care.

“I haven’t done hospital nursing since moving to Fairmont, but have been involved in Cory’s practice since day one,” she said. “But I have always kept my license. Nursing always seemed a good fit because I liked helping people and just enjoyed personal contact with patients.”

She opened Renew Skin & Laser Center at 717 South State Street on February 15. “I had tapered off working in Cory’s medical practice and was looking for something. I still enjoyed the medical side and wanted to do something in it that was fulfilling and through which I could help people feel good about themselves. I also liked being able to set up my own hours and schedule.”

Why this type of business in particular? As she aged, she had become interested in the industry and was fascinated with its technology. To use these types of services, she had to drive all the way to Minneapolis or beyond. She felt a market existed in Fairmont and surrounding areas.

To get it off the ground, her nursing background certainly helped. She received extensive training from Syneron, a California equipment manufacturer. She also took training in aesthetics.

She said, “We offer skin rejuvenation to eliminate or decrease age or brown spots or broken veins; laser hair removal; skin tightening; wrinkle reduction; and Botox treatments. And she sells the SkinMedica skin care line. Typical clients are men and women in their 40s and 50s.

Hours:  T, W, Th 8am-5pm  or by appointment
Address:  717 South State Street
Telephone:  507-238-2424


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Mankato: Jessica Barnett Chiropractic & Acupuncture Clinic

“I was born and raised in Mankato, and went to Loyola High School,” said 29-year-old Jessica Barnett in a Connect Business Magazine telephone interview. “Our family raised horses and at first I wanted to be a vet, then a medical doctor, and finally in college I became interested in natural healing. I have always been interested in the healthcare professions. I picked chiropractic because I think it’s amazing what our bodies often can do without surgery and medicine.” After receiving her doctorate and license, she opened her chiropractic and acupuncture business in Madison East Mall on January 1, 2010.

She said chiropractic and acupuncture used in combination can treat more than 2,000 conditions, including migraines, allergies, fibromyalgia, anxiety, depression, and joint pain. In short, chiropractic involves the nervous system, which controls everything in the body, while acupuncture balances the electricity running through the body, she said.

“I love this work because I get to help people every single day and see results,” she said. “Even if unable to ‘fix’ a person 100 percent, we can at least in many cases provide relief that traditional medical treatment couldn’t provide.”

Recently, a female patient walked in with unexplained uterine bleeding. Her medical practitioner had been unable to find any cause. Rather than undergo exploratory surgery, the patient chose acupuncture and chiropractic treatment. The result? The bleeding stopped the next day and as of this interview three months later, hadn’t returned, she claimed.

Barnett has been active in Greater Mankato Growth Young Professionals, a group of about 200 business professionals meeting twice monthly to network, promote their businesses, and refer.

Address: Madison East Mall Suite #602.
Telephone: 345-7836.


Photo: Art Sidner

Le Sueur: The Friendly Confines Cheese Shoppe

Kirk Litynski grew up in St. Peter as a classmate of Jon Davis, part of the Davis family owning Davisco Foods International. This last August, Davis hired his long-time friend to launch and manage The Friendly Confines Cheese Shoppe at 719 North Main, which sells take ‘n bake and hot brick oven pizza in traditional or thin crust, and more than 100 varieties of cheese.

The Davises are all baseball enthusiasts, and their store incorporates that theme. For example, it has bright, full-sized cow statues with painted-on baseball jerseys. Of course, the “friendly confines” refers to the “friendly confines” of Wrigley Field.

As for Litynski: “My dad was an attorney and district court judge in St. Peter,” said 41-year-old Litynski in a telephone interview. “I really couldn’t get away with much with him. For example, he put an alarm clock on the front entryway, set it, and if I wasn’t home on time, the alarm would go off. One night, I was sneaky and turned it off before leaving. When I came home late, my dad was there waiting. I was grounded for a month. I learned honesty and hard work from my parents.”

His work history includes nine years selling two-way radios to law enforcement and government agencies, two years launching Papa John’s pizza outlets, and 18 months launching new car washes. From his experiences, he learned sales, customer service, and—with Papa John’s—how to make pizza. His experience matched his friend’s need. The business opened December 9, 2009.

“You’ll leave our store with a great taste in your mouth,” he said. “People say it’s a fun experience. We give small kids animal crackers. But more than anything, we are big on quality and putting out the perfect product. It has to be perfect.” Open 10-7 M-Sat., and 11-5 on Sunday.

Address: 719 North Main.
Telephone: 665-6000.

Daniel Vance

A former Editor of Connect Business Magazine

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