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New Ulm: Your Organized Home

Jayne Jensen has always had a knack for organizing. When other kids her age were coming home from school to watch cartoons, she would head to her bedroom with a duster and plan ways to reorganize her space.

“I’m just a naturally organized person,” she explained. “It’s second nature to me. Even at home, it’s nothing for me to take an hour to clean out the refrigerator or go through the medicine cabinet.”

Yet until recently, the Mankato native didn’t consider turning her talents into a full-time business. Instead, growing up, she planned on joining her family’s mortuary business. When she graduated from Mankato East High School, she attended the University of Minnesota for degrees in liberal arts and mortuary science.

Once she finished her studies in 1992, she put her knowledge to use working at funeral homes in Belle Plaine, Shakopee and New Ulm until 1998, when she took a new job at Christensen Farms in their HR department.

After working there until 2004, Jensen left to become a stay-at-home mom for her two children. It was during this time that she happened to learn about a professional organizing service, and that got her thinking.

“I thought, ‘What? There’s a job for this?’” she recalled.

After weeks of research and shadowing another industry professional, Jensen launched her business: Your Organized Home.

She offers a variety of services, from a simple room change to completely overhauling a person’s home. She also helps customers organize homes for auction sales or plan for a move. As she works with her clients, she teaches them ways to stay organized in the future so they won’t need to come to her.

“There are all sorts of little tricks to help people stay on top of things,” she said. “The one thing that has always kind of stuck with me is to not lay anything down on a flat surface. Always put something immediately in its home. A pile starts with one thing.”

Your Organized Home
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Grace Webb

A former Editor of Connect Business Magazine