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Fellers Ranch : Raising Fine, Flavorful Beef

Fellers Ranch is a farm-to-table Wagyu beef purveyor run by a partnership of five couples: Jeremy and Darcy Johnson, Ryan and Janelle Merkouris, Don and Julie Savelkoul, Jay and Tricia Johnson and Henry and Margaret Savelkoul. It opened in April 2021 and supplies exceptional beef to some of the top restaurants in Minnesota. 

Wagyu is a breed of cattle that originated in Japan. Wagyu beef is more tender and flavorful than traditional commercial beef.    

“Our Wagyu calves are raised in a low-stress environment, and they grow much more slowly than cattle that are raised in large feedlots. The result is an incomparable dining experience,” Don Savelkoul said.  

In recent decades, Wagyu beef has found its way onto menus in high-end restaurants across the US. Savelkoul said Fellers Ranch was formed to meet the growing demand 

“About 10 years ago, a number of top restaurants in Minnesota started ordering Wagyu from distributors that were importing Wagyu meat from Texas, Washington, and even Australia and Japan,” Savelkoul said. “It did not make sense to ship meat that far when Wagyu cattle could be successfully raised here in Minnesota. We saw that need. So when the opportunity presented itself, we took the leap.”  

The Fellers Ranch partners are all uniquely qualified to contribute to the business. Ryan and Janelle Merkouris own a ranch where they and their children raise and feed the Waygu cattle. Jeremy and Darcy Johnson own an artisan butcher shop, the Conger Meat Market, just one mile from the Merkouris ranch. They ensure the quality of each cut of steak. A third partner, Jay Johnson, has spent decades growing agriculture-based businesses, founding Bushel Boy Farms and Revol Greens. The remaining partners, Henry and Don Savelkoul, have a lifetime of experience in cattle operations.   

According to Savelkoul, it’s the perfect recipe for success: “Everyone deserves to treat themselves to something special, at least once and a while. Our Wagyu is not intended to be an inexpensive, everyday meal. Our Wagyu offers tenderness and flavor that makes mouths water and taste buds rejoice.” 


Fellers Ranch 

Address: P.O Box 368, Conger MN  56020 

Email: [email protected] 


Ashley Hanley

A freelance writer from Mankato.