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The Meatery MN: An Online Store for Quality Minnesota Meats

The Meatery MN is an e-commerce site that sells and ships top-quality meats right to your door. It forms partnerships with farmers and small meat markets across Minnesota, providing consumers with a one-stop shop and a direct connection to those producers.  

The Meatery MN will soon celebrate its one-year anniversary. According to co-owner Colette Drager, the business was built on a foundation of family values and a passion for sharing meals together. 

“When our families get together, we love to cook and share a meal …We have successes, we have failures, but it’s always a great time,” Drager said. “When (we were) starting to talk about building a business around a food community, we fully recognized that a key contributor to our inspirations and tasty meals was our ready access to local, quality farm products. By developing an e-commerce model, we have been able to connect  …a sharing social community of ‘meathusiasts’ with direct access to products from farm and small market producers.”  

The online meat shop meets the needs of a post-pandemic world. 

“This business likely never would have gotten off the ground had our own farm not faced the pandemic conditions that brought supply chain issues and the disconnect between producer and consumers,” Drager said. “Our crew knew we didn’t have all the answers, or all the immediate talent needs, but we were lucky enough to jump in to seek an impactful solution.” 

Every product on the company’s website is taste-tested and approved by two generations of team members. The Meatery MN offers a variety of box options ranging from top steaks for the grill to pork belly for the hobbyist. It does custom orders, too. With summer just around the corner, things are about to get busy. 

“It’s the active season for grills, smokers and outdoor good times, so our partner shops are busy assembling their top (beef, pork, lamb, and chicken) cuts and signature meats to ship to your door,” Drager said. “Customers from Mankato and the region have been incredible to our partner producers.” 


The Meatery MN 


Email: [email protected] 

Phone: (507) 479-1367 

Ashley Hanley

A freelance writer from Mankato.