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Ruby Ranch: A Place for Learners, Makers and Explorers

Ruby Ranch is a farm and nature learning center located near Pemberton, Min. It’s a space for all ages to leave the busy world behind and just be. Visitors can brush the horses, feed the goats and alpacas, walk the trails, sit by the pond or get inspired in the indoor creative center.

The 6-acre hobby farm is owned by Ashley and Nickolas Rehder. Open year-round, it offers field trips, farm tours and community hours with hayrides. Their daily summer camps for children ages 5 – 11 are very popular and allow kids to explore a variety of topics, including farm living, construction, art, nature, geology and sports.

“Maintaining our hobby farm and keeping up with the daily farm chores could easily be a full-time job on its own – something is always under construction, needing repairs or needing an update. So my husband and I stay very busy each morning and night,” Ashley Rehder said. “But our community is incredibly supportive, and we feel really lucky to have such supportive followers and customers that understand our mission – which is to get kids and families outside to experience the simple outdoors and a day on the farm.”

Ruby Ranch is also the home of Little Rubies, a preschool program for ages 3-5. Ashley is a teacher by trade and the director of Little Rubies.

“I strongly believe that learning can take place anytime, anywhere and at any age. I wanted to create a safe space for kids to explore, engage in their interests and have hands-on, rich outdoor experiences,” Rehder said. “So, we are working hard to make this space just that. We have farm animals, a garden space, open grassland and wooded areas with structures to climb and play in.”

Ruby Ranch opened in 2018, and Little Rubies opened in 2021. Year-round programming includes monthly projects such as canvas painting and ceramic glazing. Over the summer, the farm is open to the public on various dates. There’s also live music on the second Saturday of each month. Check the Ruby Ranch website for details.


Ruby Ranch

361 290th Ave., Pemberton, MN, 56078

(507) 720-1825

[email protected]

Ashley Hanley

A freelance writer from Mankato.