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Symmetry Nutrition Club

Jul 2012 • Category: Hot Startz!

“I was living the opposite of a healthy nutritious lifestyle,” he continued. “I was suffering the consequences, including being tired all the time, overweight, and depressed. It had come mostly from eating the American diet.”


Jul 2012 • Category: Off-The-Cuff

Over the years, I have read so many online news articles about government mismanagement of tax money that seeing new examples usually just causes shrugged shoulders and heavy sighs and nothing more. But on rare occasions I become a bit worked up and sometimes write about it here.

Sew Boutique

Jul 2012 • Category: Hot Startz!

When Kay Brandt was 10 and growing up in Tyler, Minnesota, her mother wasn’t making Barbie doll clothing fast enough and that made Brandt anxious.

Marcia Bahr

Jul 2012 • Category: Cover Story

Seasoned Mankato marketing and communications professional shares wealth of wisdom from radio, franchise restaurant, telecommunications, and healthcare industries.

L&S Electric

Jul 2012 • Category: Feature Story

Years later, a physician said he should have died. In 1980, then 25-year-old Tim Lipetzky was an electrician working inside a Lakefield hospital when he felt an ache arcing through his stomach. He told a registered nurse about the pain, but would wave it off before leaving that night.

Jarraff Industries

Jul 2012 • Category: Feature Story

Stepping through the door of the Jarraff Industries office on the north side of St. Peter, the reporter first sees a four-foot-high stuffed giraffe. Too big to be a child’s toy, the giraffe wears a kerchief proclaiming the name of the business. It doesn’t take much imagination to make the connection between the long-necked animal and the tree-cutting equipment George Boyum began producing 35 years ago.