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Land of 10,000 Ways to Enjoy Life

May 2017 • Category: Editor's Letter

In general, dictionaries peg the word recreation as meaning a ‘resource affording relaxation and enjoyment’. Relaxation and enjoyment. Hmmm, two words not generally associated with the business world

The Best Part Of My Role

Mar 2017 • Category: Editor's Letter

I have always enjoyed learning. It’s probably one of the things that led me into journalism in the first place. The opportunity to cover and learn about something different every day.

Connecting Business and Community

Jan 2017 • Category: Editor's Letter

After years of being on the outside and anticipating who would be Connect Business Magazine’s Business Person of the Year each January, I was excited to be on the other side this year!

Health Care In The Hotseat

Nov 2016 • Category: Editor's Letter

As I speak with and interview business leaders in our community, one thing is apparent: the winds of change are a blowin’. One industry in the midst of tremendous transition is health care. And that is an industry that affects every business, every person, every life.

Making a Difference

Sep 2016 • Category: Editor's Letter

I have always been amazed at the mettle of my friends and acquaintances who take the plunge into starting or buying a business. Cutting ties with a steady paycheck, benefits, regular hours…a boss, has always been a scary proposition for me. Yet, I understand why they do it.

Celebrating the Ag Industry

Jul 2016 • Category: Editor's Letter

Agriculture plays a vital role in our lives every day. And I’m not just talking about the food we eat. The economy in this region is very ag-centric. Agriculture is the base for which other businesses are able to start, grow and thrive here.