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Connecting Business and Community

Jan 2017 • Category: Editor's Letter

After years of being on the outside and anticipating who would be Connect Business Magazine’s Business Person of the Year each January, I was excited to be on the other side this year!

Health Care In The Hotseat

Nov 2016 • Category: Editor's Letter

As I speak with and interview business leaders in our community, one thing is apparent: the winds of change are a blowin’. One industry in the midst of tremendous transition is health care. And that is an industry that affects every business, every person, every life.

Making a Difference

Sep 2016 • Category: Editor's Letter

I have always been amazed at the mettle of my friends and acquaintances who take the plunge into starting or buying a business. Cutting ties with a steady paycheck, benefits, regular hours…a boss, has always been a scary proposition for me. Yet, I understand why they do it.

Celebrating the Ag Industry

Jul 2016 • Category: Editor's Letter

Agriculture plays a vital role in our lives every day. And I’m not just talking about the food we eat. The economy in this region is very ag-centric. Agriculture is the base for which other businesses are able to start, grow and thrive here.

Risky Business

May 2016 • Category: Editor's Letter

There’s a well-known saying: “No guts, no glory.” It’s true in a lot of areas of life, and that includes business. Rarely will a business see incredible success if the owners play it safe.

Always Keep Improving

Mar 2016 • Category: Editor's Letter

When it comes to business, remaining the same is usually not the best business model. Shrewd business owners and entrepreneurs realize that for a business to thrive, it needs to keep growing and improving. That expansion can happen in many ways, whether it’s adding a location, a product line or a new employee.